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"Despite growing interest in workforce diversity amoung organisations in Australia and New Zealand, just 26% have a clearly defined strategy to attract and retain women long enough to reach senior leadership positions." (2010 Mercer study)


Flexibility@Work programs

~ Connecting parents and managers to resources


Workplace flexibility can benefit both employees and employers when implemented correctly to meet the needs of the workplace and the employee.

Flexibility@Work Program

The Flexibility@Work Program includes:

 Access to the Flexibility@Work portal™ - access to online resources, tools and checklists for managers and employees
 Flexible Work Toolkit
 Flexible Work in-house seminars and training

The Flexibility@Work program is centred on the Parents@Work portal™ which combines flexibility resources for employees and managers to enhance a successful working relationship.

Similarly to the Parents@Work portal™, the Flexibility Portal is a comprehensive online resource tool, providing all your employees access to resources, tools and professional career coaches.

It will to help employees:

  • Decide what sort of flexibility they need
  • Negotiate a flexible work arrangement
  • Put together a flexible work proposal/plan

It will help managers to:

  • Assess a flexible work arrangement
  • Have a flexible work discussion with their employee/s
  • Utilise flexibility to the best for the organisation

Flexible Work Toolkit

The Flexible Work Toolkit is a great resource to combine with the Flexibility@Work portal™.

The Flexible Work Toolkit is customised for your organisation and is a convenient business case tool that enables all employees and managers to research, negotiate and implement a flexible work arrangement.

This toolkit is a must for organisations that want to retain valued, skilled and experienced employees (not just parents). You can brand this toolkit as your own and your existing flexibility content can be integrated to suit your organisation’s needs.


The Flexible Work Toolkit provides practical advice and tools to:

  • Plan and implement a flexible work arrangement
  • Help your employees submit a proposal using the Flexible Work Proposal template
  • Assess a flexible work arrangement
  • Decide on appropriate flexible work arrangement
  • Communicate a new flexible work arrangement to the team


In-house Seminars and Training

Accommodating Flexibility in the Workplace
How managers can practically support flexibility and family friendly initiatives in their teams
Exploring types of flexible work arrangements and negotiating options with your employees
How to overcome setbacks and manage career options within your team

Be prepared for flexible work requests and meet your obligations.
National Employment Standards
Article: Women Working Flexible – More Productive

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